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At Mikowski & Leonard, LLC we realize that few things are as exciting as forming your own business. Often, people have a great idea, or product but they need assistance navigating the many options on which type of legal entity would best suit their needs. Our attorneys not only have experience assisting small business owners making these decisions, but have personal experience working at start ups.

There are many hurdles to starting a new business. A business owner must manage administrative needs, funding concerns, marketing, legal strategies, taxes, payroll, supply issues, product development, sales, etc. With so many complex and varied issues sound legal advice is important as it touches on all of these aspects of properly positioning your business to succeed.

For instance, corporate formation can affect ownership rights, business responsibilities, liability in law suits, and tax liabilities. Companies should have written employment agreements with their employees and officers. Intellectual property should be protected and its possible that all employees and vendors should have non-disclosure agreements.

If you believe you could use some assistance in drafting these agreements, or would like advice concerning your legal business options, please contact our attorneys for a free initial consultation. We realize that often with start ups money is extremely tight. We are willing to negotiate flexible payment options and contingency arrangements to help you protect and develop your business while maintaining your budget.

Contact our office today to find out how we can help you. Call (617) 651-1150 or email us today to schedule your free, no obligation initial consultation.

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