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Mikowski & Leonard, LLC is proud to offer comprehensive patent advice. We assist our clients in prior art searches, applying for patent protection, strategies to monetize patents, and infringement suits (both plaintiff and defendant side).

Justin C. Mikowski is a registered patent attorney and able to assist you or your business in securing patent protection for your ideas. He handles cases in all areas of intellectual property law, and has a background in computer engineering. He has a wide network of engineers and patent agents that are available for consultations if you have a particularly specialized art area (such as pharmaceuticals).

Mikowski & Leonard, LLC offers fast and detailed service with an emphasis on client satisfaction. As always, we offer free initial consultations and can often begin work on securing your invention the next day. After the initial consultation, if you choose to retain us, we will begin a search of similar inventions that might restrict or prevent your pursuit of a patent, which is known as a “prior art search”. We recommend that everyone undertake a prior art search. We offer flat fee prior art searches, which will determine the patentability of your invention. The search process can often be completed within three (3) business days.

Once we have the results of the prior art search, we can render a “patentability opinion” which discusses whether your invention can be patented in light of previously disclosed ideas/inventions. If our patentability opinion recommends moving forward, we can advise you on the benefits and risks of pursuing a provisional application vs. a full utility patent. We also offer design patents with professional drawing services to best protect your designs. Most inventors will want to pursue a utility patent which protects how something is made or functions, as opposed to a design patent which protects the ornamental look without protecting the function. For example, a utility patent would protect the invention of a table (and ideally variations of the table); while a design patent might protect the particular carving designs in the wood of the table.

Beware of discount patent services that claim to assist you in filling out a patent application, but cannot help you navigate the current prior art (disclosed inventions in the same field) or guide you through this complex process to a valuable and useful patent. Our prices are very competitive and we ensure fast and quality patent services. We will provide a fee schedule during our initial consultation and can offer hourly rate discounts for multiple patents being prosecuted at the same time.

Contact our office today to find out how we can help you protect your ideas. Call (617) 651-1150 or email us today to schedule your free, no obligation initial consultation.

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